SQLH2 collecting data from servers in different domain

Nov 28, 2008 at 3:59 PM

I have set up SQLH2 to collect data from SQL servers in my local domain but we also have servers that we would like to collect data from in another domain. I am using domain\account on the data collect and yet the target server have had servername\account added with full administrative access (thinking this would use pass through authentication with the highest rights as a test) The SQLH2RUN.bat batch file that tries to connect gets as far as below and does no more. Can anyone advise if they have found a way to connect to servers in another domain or indeed servers in a workgroup accessable on the local area network?

(I have tried using the FQDN of the servers and put the IP address in the Hosts file but it still cannot connect.)
Thanks for any advice


H2 Collector   ver. V2 10/17/05 16:25

27/11/2008 17:03:08

27/11/2008 17:03:08             Opening Log

Run details are recorded into H2log.txt log file

27/11/2008 17:03:08             SQLH2  ver. V2 10/17/05 16:25

27/11/2008 17:03:08     INFO:   The following command line arguments were suppli

ed: /DDMY

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:         Init

27/11/2008 17:03:08     WARNING:        There are no PerfProviders in the config


27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:          Initializing repository: Argus

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:          Repository Database: SQLH2Repository

27/11/2008 17:03:08     INFO:   host_id = 2

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:         Starting RUN

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:         Registering Run

27/11/2008 17:03:08     INFO:   run_id = 55

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:         Starting Targets processing

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:         Initializing Target: SQLG202

27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:           registering Server

27/11/2008 17:03:08     INFO:   srv_id = 16; signature = 83654494-a01a-4f9a-964e


27/11/2008 17:03:08     Status:         Scanning Registry on SQLG202

27/11/2008 17:04:01     ERROR:  The network path was not found.


27/11/2008 17:04:01     Status:         Initializing Target: SQLG203

27/11/2008 17:04:01     Status:           registering Server

27/11/2008 17:04:01     INFO:   srv_id = 17; signature = 8a3ca291-2e8f-4e31-9b74


27/11/2008 17:04:01     Status:         Scanning Registry on SQLG203

27/11/2008 17:04:52     ERROR:  The network path was not found.

Jan 21, 2009 at 10:38 AM

I'm having to collect details from SQL servers on the local domain, and one on a non-domain/workgroup server.
I've got 2 accounts, Domain\fred.bloggs and WGServer\fred.bloggs, which share a password.
The WGServer user is currently in the local Administrators group. This set-up seems to be working.
I'm going to investigate what are the lowest set of permissions that I need for the collector to work.

All servers are Win2003R2 SP2, and the workgroup server is SQL2000 SP4.
I'm using the version of SQLH2.